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Kelebihan Mozilla Firefox 10.1 :

What's new in Firefox 10.1? the nice news is that a number of the interface changes are commencing to migrate from the Firefox UX channel at long last. the situation Bar has been tweaked, with the forward button faraway from the bar, though different tweaks - the loss of the house button and a streamlined dropdown list - seem to own missed the boat.

Another fascinating modification creating its debut here is Firefox's assumption that bound add-ons - unless specifically told otherwise by the developer - are compatible, that means each time a replacement version of Firefox ships, add-on developers will not perpetually have to be compelled to update their add-ons to become compatible with the new build. For a lot of details on this modification, see this Mozilla Wiki article.

Firefox 10.1 can significantly charm to net developers, with variety of recent options creating their debut within the Beta. the foremost notable is an examine choice that enables developers to visually examine pages with the assistance of a Highlighter tool that creates checking a page's CSS and HTML code that a lot of easier. This feature, originally planned for Firefox four, has been overhauled since its unleash was postponed earlier within the year. and therefore the excellent news for developers is that a lot of is to follow (see Firefox eleven Aurora).